One Day Programs

Discover scuba diving (DSD)

In this one day program,  you can experience the new sensations of breathing underwater and weightless motions at the same time.  You will discover the excitement of the underwater world under direct supervision of one of our experienced instructors.

  • Minimun age: 10 years
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Includes: theorical class, confined water training and 1 open water dive.
  • Rate: $70

You want more??

After completion of a DSD you can add more open water dives to your experience or enrole to the next step: The Open Water diver course and get certified.

Refresher course

If you are a certified diver but you haven’t been diving in a while you will need to do a refresher course before you are ready to blow some bubbles.

  • Minimun age 10 years
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Includes: theorical reviews, confined water training and one open water dive.
  • Rate: $70

After this review you can go back to do some dives or continue with your diving education and join the next course level.

Adventure dives

If you want to continue your diving education but unfortunately you don’t have the time to complete our advanced open water course, you can just do 1-2 or 3 adventure dives in one day.  All this adventure dives will be recorded and you can use them any time and anywhere to finish your advanced open water course. We offer a wide range of specialties :

  • Peak performance bouyancy

    Improving your bouyancy is good for you and for the Little Corn reefs.

  • Deep diver

    Learn to enjoy deeper dive sites in a safety way.

  • Underwater navigator

    Tired of feeling lost?? Here you will learn how to orientate yourself underwater.

  • Night diver

    Afraid of going diving at night??  We will teach you and provide you  all that you need to enjoy diving when is dark. Don’t miss it!

  • Fish identification

    When you  control your diving skills, is time to focus on the wildlife we love to see underwater.

  • Underwater naturalist

    For those who wants to see more than fishes, this adventure will show you the amazing world of underwater plants and invertabrates.

  • Drift diver

    If you want to feel like you are flying and  you go with the flow!  This is your adventure.

  • Search & recovery

    If you are the kind of person that loses everything, this is your adventure.  You will learn how to look for objects underwater in a very effective way and bring them safely to the surface.

  • Minimun age: from 10 to 15 years depending on the adventure.
  • Duration: 2 hours per adventure.
  • Includes: theorical reviews and open water adventure dive.
  • Rates: $60 per adventure , $70 for night adventure.

General information:

All the one day programs includes teaching material and diving gear.